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Solo Films is a complete concept to delivery video production company in Perth. With over 30 years of industry experience, from producing award winning commercials to engaging and entertaining corporate video, Solo Films delivers quality and cost effective content for our clients.

Our expertise has been forged in the advertising market, where budgets and turnaround times are tight. As a result, we have developed an innate understanding of listening to our clients and meeting their demands on time and on budget.

Solo Films is a combination of multi award winning Director and Producer team, Scott Wright and Lee Guy-Wallis. What sets Solo Films apart from our competitors? We have learnt to be flexible with each video production we are involved in. We can scale according to budget or to delivery requirements. We can outsource particular production elements to our network of highly skilled suppliers or we can keep it in house. No matter which direction each project takes, we will deliver.

Solo Films has collaborated with all types of organisations from fledgling start ups to some of the biggest brands. We have a video production archive of training videos, sales and marketing videos, promotional and corporate videos and communications.

If your company is curious about video production for its growth, then drop us a line. We will be more than happy to discuss your needs and come back to you with the best possible solution.

We also like a good coffee.

Level 1, Suite 5, 389 Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorn
Western Australia, 6016

Is Content Marketing A Marketing Strategy?

How do you do Content Marketing?

Content Marketing has been a buzzword for sometime now. Businesses are using as much of their own marketing resource nous or marketing specialists to engage with customers by creating entertaining and appropriate content to drive sales and build brands.

One of the issues we seem to encounter is the uncertain or unknown expectations from some clients. That is, they are not sure what they want their content to achieve or who they are supposed to be targeting towards. This, in itself, is not a problem and, with guidance and drilling down to generate a succinct brief, content can be created that fits the client’s purpose.

The most complex request we get is to create a video that will go viral. In my experience, this is not as easy as it sounds. And with so much content out there, it is not something that can be done without a great deal of thought and effort. I was reading an article recently that put into context this issue. It raised the notion that viral content is not necessarily content marketing and by creating a content to go viral is not such a great content marketing strategy.

There needs to be a great deal of thought and effort put into building relationships with customers. Just because you have a great video or a witty article, does not mean they will flock to you in droves. Sure, you should have the content that entertains and engages, but realistically, you need to commit to your customers by creating content that speaks to them and provides them with long term benefits.

To read the article, click HERE. If you have a brand or product that needs to be seen, then contact SOLO FILMS, we can assist you in anyway possible.


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