Breast Cancer Care WA 2016

BCCWA Long Table Lunch 2016 from SOLO FILMS on Vimeo.


As part of our ongoing support of Breast Cancer Care WA, Solo Films is happy to say that we produced another beautiful video for the BCCWA Long Table Lunch. As always, the wonderful women and men that we meet along the way are nothing short of inspiring. This year’s story belongs to Kylie Stevenson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer just shy of her 48th birthday. With the incredible support and guidance from Aileen and Moira at Breast Cancer Care WA, Kylie not only got through her ordeal, she came out with renewed vigour for life.

Kylie’s family has a history with breast cancer. Her grandmother, mother and sister were all diagnosed at different ages and stages in their lives. Each diagnosis was was different and each faced different choices. Kylie made sure that she had regular check ups. In 2010, Kylie moved from Melbourne to Perth and was seen by the SCGH High Risk Clinic. And as a high risk patient, Kylie had yearly scans, mammograms, ultrasounds and MRI. This was a stressful time for Kylie.

In 2012, after six months of testing and a biopsy, Kylie was declared clear of cancer.

But that joy was short lived.

After more testing in the following year, Kylie got the devastating news. She had a 9mm tubular carcinoma.

The timing was off. She had just finished her post grad scholarship and was about to become unemployed. To top it off, her landlord was selling and she had to move out and find a new place to live for her and her two children.

Kylie debated her next move over and over. Her surgeon at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital suggested a double mastectomy to prevent any chance of a reoccurrence and more years of testing and stressing. So Kylie read and investigated all that she could. She questioned her decision. And after seeing the results of similar surgeries online, she was directed to make contact with Breast Cancer Care WA.

This was the best decision she could have made. Her first contact was via a phone call with Moira. And all it took to ease her mind was this first phone call. The support, advice and understanding that Moira provided Kylie with rational suggestions, financial support. Moira and BCCWA arranged for a house cleaner post surgery.

Throughout Kylie’s breast cancer journey, she was counselled by Aileen. Both Aileen and Moira provided Kylie with the support she needed. They never rushed her, never judged her, they were like a safety net for Kylie.

This is Kylie’s story.