Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce AU Perth from SOLO FILMS on Vimeo.

We are contacted by our new friends at AsiaWorks to collaborate on a project with them for Rolls Royce. The project was to promote the release of the Rolls Royce’s new Dawn. A car that has to be driven to be appreciated. Sadly, we didn’t get to drive the car…we did get to sit in it though.

Filmed over three days we took the dawn to some wonderful locations throughout the City, the Swan Valley and the Swan River. At the time of filming, there were only two of these amazing cars. Can they be called cars? I don’t think so, they’re more a piece of commissioned art that one can drive. This luxury model has 12 cylinders and is bespoke designed for your driving pleasure. Again, we didn’t get to drive it. The owners, however, were able to visit the Rolls Royce facility in England to test drive and walk through the design steps with their design team.

Regardless, we were very happy to be part of this project and have been often caught dreaming of what the driving experience would be like.

Skills: Video Content