Roy Hill / Marubeni

Roy Hill Mining Marubeni

Roy Hill / Marubeni

After working very closely with the team at Roy Hill, we are excited to finally show off some of the work we have been doing for this iconic mining project. Roy Hill asked Solo Films to put together a video to celebrate the first shipment of iron ore to Japan for the Roy Hill / Marubeni partnership.

We have made plenty of visits to the two sites – the mining operation, just outside of Newman and the port facility in Port Hedland. It has been an incredible experience to follow the progress from the ground up and see the amount of infrastructure required to bring a project like this together. We have filmed regular updates of the operations as well as interview contractors, employees and key stakeholders to get their insight into the project.

Marubeni, is a Japanese company that, among other things, conducts business investment, development and management on a global level. They also have invested in the Roy Hill project. Roy Hill / Marubeni conducted the first shipment of iron ore to go to the Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation. The video was played at a celebration in Japan commemorating the momentous occasion.

Since the 1950s, the discovery of iron ore in the Pilbara has been a major contributor to the fortunes of the Western Australian and Australian economies. Leading the way with exploration was the late Lang Hancock. It was always his dream to own and operate his own mine. While he didn’t get the chance to do so, the dream has been realised by his daughter, Gina Rinehart. Mrs Rinehart was determined to make sure that her father’s vision was realised. Licenses were attained and drilling commenced in 1993 and by 2014, after securing investment and equity agreements and finding a suitable contractor to undertake the construction element of the project, the first ore was mined.

With construction well and truly completed, the Roy Hill project is up and running. We are looking forward to uploading further work as it is completed.

Client: Roy Hill