Royal Life Saving WA


After producing the very successful “THIS MUCH” campaign for the Royal Life Saving Society of Western Australia, as a follow up, we were asked to create a series of online videos that the Society could use as part of an educational series of talks they deliver to schools and parent groups.

We were privileged to meet three very strong and vocal individuals who have all had a varied experience with water and their children. From the close call to the tragic death, these parents have witnessed a great deal of emotional upheaval in their lives and are very vocal spokespeople on behalf of Royal Life Saving WA.

The message behind the suite of videos is simple – keep watch over children while they are in or near any body of water. As these parents discovered, an adult watching over their children may have prevented the irreversible brain damage or the tragic loss of a five year old girl.

Keep Watch is Royal Life Saving WA’s longest running drowning prevention program. Their aim is to prevent drowning deaths and drowning-related hospitalisations in children under the age of 5 in WA by educating parents and carers about keeping their children safe around water.

The program delivers a range of community services and resources to reach parents and carers with toddler drowning prevention messages.

This is an emotionally raw and honest video that reaches inside these brave parents who have had to undergo seriously traumatic events that have changed their lives forever.