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Solo Films is a complete concept to delivery video production company in Perth. With over 30 years of industry experience, from producing award winning commercials to engaging and entertaining corporate video, Solo Films delivers quality and cost effective content for our clients.

Our expertise has been forged in the advertising market, where budgets and turnaround times are tight. As a result, we have developed an innate understanding of listening to our clients and meeting their demands on time and on budget.

Solo Films is a combination of multi award winning Director and Producer team, Scott Wright and Lee Guy-Wallis. What sets Solo Films apart from our competitors? We have learnt to be flexible with each video production we are involved in. We can scale according to budget or to delivery requirements. We can outsource particular production elements to our network of highly skilled suppliers or we can keep it in house. No matter which direction each project takes, we will deliver.

Solo Films has collaborated with all types of organisations from fledgling start ups to some of the biggest brands. We have a video production archive of training videos, sales and marketing videos, promotional and corporate videos and communications.

If your company is curious about video production for its growth, then drop us a line. We will be more than happy to discuss your needs and come back to you with the best possible solution.

We also like a good coffee.

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The Battle Of Susannah

The Battle Of Susannah

To help her and her family through her fight against breast cancer, Susannah Morris and her son came up with a battle plan…to give the fight a name. They decided on a campaign to combat cancer. It was the Battle of Susannah.

After the invasion [of her breasts by cancer], Susannah appointed Major General – Professor Cristobel Saunders, Susannah’s breast surgeon. This was the first stage in her war. It was the operation on her breasts to remove the invading army of cancer. The battle continued into chemical warfare and into nuclear warfare. The wartime analogy helped Susannah and her family keep on top of what was a very harrowing time.

But war, as in life, every battle has its challenges and plans sometime change. After her first round of surgery, Susannah got an infection in the site of her surgery. This was at the time of her first round of chemotherapy. Round one to breast cancer. After the infection cleared, Susannah embarked on round two of her chemo. She was attacking head on.

To get her through her battles, Susannah enlisted three pillars of support. Pillar one was the medical professions. They were there for the physical treatment against her cancer. Pillar two were her friends and family. They were and still are a major support in her ‘new life’. The third and probably as important as all is Breast Cancer Care WA. Breast Cancer Care WA were there to listen and support and provide services Susannah and her other two pillars could not provide. Susannah used Breast Cancer Care WA to talk about “stuff” that she didn’t want her family to hear.

BCCWA was Susannah’s life raft as the breast cancer buffeted her around, waging its war against her body.

Breast Cancer Care WA are an amazing group of volunteers, counsellors and nurses who are able to treat every client on an individual basis, regardless of the circumstances. Through their dedicated approach to their clients, they provide a safety net for each individual to try and wrestle some control back into their lives. They help patients turn around attitudes and help manage expectations.

Clients like Susannah are in constant need of their services and resources. And with such high demand on resources, the supply does not always match the demand. Breast Cancer Care WA offer emotional, practical and financial support to their clients. Sadly there are limits to their resources. Breast cancer is constantly presenting itself in our society and this means there are more and more women and families who are in need of what BCCWA offer.

They receive funding through generous donation from the public and corporate sponsorships, but they are always in need of more. To help keep BCCWA operating and providing these amazing services to the 1000’s of people in need, they need our help. You can make a donation to BBCWA by clicking here.

Susannah continues to wage her battle in her war against her cancer, check out her dive with sharks to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer Care WA’s Purple Bra Day.

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